U.S. History Chapter 10

Who was the Leader of France that was apart of the “Big Four”?
German Senator who sent a letter to mexico
Eddie Richenbacker
American Ace Pilot
William Kaiser
Came up with the idea for the fabrication of ships.
Admiral William Sims
Who made the convoy System?
Gavrillo Princip
Who assassinated Arch Duke Ferdinand?
Alvin York
Who captured 126 men with the aid of six other men?
William Monroe Trotter
Who was a black leader against the war?
Clarence Waldren
Who was jailed for his sermon?
George Creel
Who was the leader of the Committee of Public Information?
William Jennings Bryan
Who resigned as Senator when war was being thrown around and failed at the presidency?
William McAdoo
Railroad Administration Leader and Woodrow Wilson’s son-in-law
Frans Ferdinand
Assassination of this man started world war one
Hurbert Hoover
Leader of the food and drug administration
Charles Evan Hughes
Republican candidate during the 1916 election
John “BlackJack” Pershing
Who was leader of the American Expeditionary Force
Frances Fosh
Leader of the Allied troops
Woodrow Wilson
President of the United States
Nationalism, imperialism, militarism and alliances
Causes of WWI
Flamethrowers, Chemical gas, tanks, submarines, machine guns, gas mask, Zeppelins, Artillery, Airplanes and Trench Mortars
New Weapons
France Great Britain Russia
Members of the Triple Entente
France Great Britain Italy and the US
Members of the Allies
Germany, Austria – Hungary and the Ottoman Empire
Members of the Central Powers
Economics, unrestricted submarine warfare, anti German mood, allied relations and the Zimmerman notes
The 4 reasons for the United States entering the war
President of France
George Clemenceau
President of the United States
Woodrow Wilson
Prime Minister of Italy
Vittorio Orlando
Prime Minister of Great Britain
David Lloyd George
Causes, boundary changes, and organization to keep peace around the world
Three Sections of the 14 points
Reparations, demilitarized, blamed and the loss of Alsace – Lorraine
What Germany suffered after the war
Eastern and Western Fronts
Battlefields of war
9 new nations, mandates, demilitarized, full blame and reparations
The two most important parts of The Treaty of Versailles
Austria Hungary on Serbia
Who declared war to start WWI
Socialists, labor union leaders and immigrants
Who were the main targets of the Espionage and Sedition Acts
Tripple Alliance, Germany Austria Hungary and Italy
What was the Early German Alliance called and who did it consist of?
of Trench Warfare
WWI was a war of attrition because..
The Schliefen Plan
What was the plan of war the Germans followed?
Caused famine because United States Food could no longer reach Germany
British blockade caused what to happen to the Germans
The selective Service Act
What act instituted the draft?
Who was the leader of the War Industry board?
Bernard Baruch